Monday, May 05, 2008

So, is it a date? many of you thought on reading the caption that I'm probably talking about a Dinner or Lunch date? I don't blame you if you were expecting that because lately I have been so preoccupied that I'm sure all my friends are longing to have atleast some sort of a Farewell date or something we can set up..and lousy ol' me has to seriously work on that.
With further regrets to my fiance (hubby actually) who reads this - it wasn't about a romantic date for us either.
I expect the least of you to think I was referring to a date (khajoor/tamar) at this point; although, I know if I captioned such an entry in Ramadhan, a Khajoor is exactly what you'd all think about - especially if you're craving to break your fast soon! (lol)
Ah, but I'm sure that the majority of you must be thinking I'm probably talking about - my Wedding date - but it's not that either! I want to pause here to say - its fascinating our lives are so predictable after getting engaged: it's the same cycle everyone goes through, and I never get why we have the same set of questions to ask when making small talk:
After getting engaged:
"So when's the Big day? Is your wedding date fixed yet?"
(Umm, I JUST got engaged..let me get the hang of this culture shock first dear!)
After eventually getting married:
"So when are we hearing good news" *with a teasing wink*
(I JUST got married - atleast give it nine months, auntyji!)
After having your 1st child:
"So when are you having your second one?" (Argh!)
After the 1st child turns a yr old:
"Aww, time flies so quick..So yeah, when are you having your second one?" (Aaaaah!)
After the 1st child turns 2 yrs old:
"So what school are you planning to send your child too?" (Umm....)
And then you meet them middle of the same year:
"Oh you havnt put him into school yet? My blah-blah-blah had the same problem and she did blah-blah-blah" (Aaaahhh!!)
Okay so we've all heard these and probably said alot of these to others too - but what takes the cake is, right when you're dressed as Bride and Groom and someone comes up to the stage and says aloud "Awwww, you were sooooooooo little when I last saw you. You played in my lap when you were so small! And now you've grown so big - getting married!" (making it sound like we probably grew up in a day and decided to get married the 2nd
So, although my wedding's just round the corner, the date I was thinking around, had nothing to do with any of the above.
Sometimes, some supposedly-insignificant dates just bring back memories as and when they pass by. Nope, not the usual celebrated dates like Birthdays and Anniversaries, etc.. I was just reminiscing on the 13th of April 2008, how exactly a year back, I had dislocated my right elbow. I remember the date ~ I don't know why, but I do; the date on which my sister moved back to the US, the date on which I started my high protein low carb diet some 3 yrs back; the date I received some great SMS or Email from friends or family..and sometimes, I just struggle to save very old SMS' just to keep track of the date of something I just don't want to let go of. And on changing phones, feel dismay of losing the 'dates' on them.
Don't know if this is normal (and I also know it will sound abnormal to those who have their reminders set up for practically everything they do) But for isn't just a date. It's a lot more than that.
So what date did you think I was talking about?
Might be, I missed out on your thoughts...or maybe, I just caught you in the right place ;)
Signing out,
Sadaf Z (with the little big world up in her head - all cluttered up!)

Friday, March 07, 2008

So, what makes me blog...finally?

Everytime I thought of writing my Blog, I used to be embarassed seeing I last wrote on the 21st of August 2007 (a post in which I blamed Satan for my laziness).
Then another lazy post during Ramadhan - reposting my valuable Ramadhan write-ups from the year before (October 2006).
Despite having endless things to share over the last 6 months, I havn't had the chance to really blog - from time-restraints, to pre-wedding preps (yep, that's one big old news now, lol), all the way to being busy with a bunch of other winter weddings, followed by muharram and safar activities..
Okay, enough of excuses of why I didn't write. I think I should get down to mentioning what actually made me write!
Everytime I log into my email account hoping to receive some sensible Email for the day, I happen to find that the notification for 20 out of 25 emails I get are all Forwarded E-mails!!
Some of these are a quick read to upgrade our GK, but 90% of them are exaggerated and 90% of those 90% are hoaxes! I say this from experience as I'm a total research-freak and I feel a grave responsibility of only forwarding information that I am quite certain about, even if it takes an extra 2 minutes to google or wiki it to cross-check.
So, as heartless as I may sound to many of you, I soooooo despise seeing the 'pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee forward and save a life emails'. I'm quite sure everyone of us has received atleast ONE of this kind - where supposedly some cents are contributed for every email forwarded to save the life of someone in need of the money. For alot of you who actually fall for these, let me tell you; these multiple e-mails cannot be tracked although they try to add credibility by quoting names of big corporate giants who have 'supposedly committed to contribute those cents to save lives'. For more info, read
Another link to review is (you'll be amazed to see how much time people have to emotionally pull us through hoaxes!)
My cue: If you really want to save lives, look out for people and children in your immediate reach; your neighbourhood, your family, your community. If nothing, you can contribute to their wellbeing by merely paying a visit to them if they are sick, as the Holy Prophet (SAWW) has said "When you go in to visit an invalid, express a hope that he will live long. That will not avert anything, but it will comfort him."
Can't get about that one? Then simply click and help reliable sites and missions like
Another kind of forwards that I'm sure alllll of us have come across is the 'Pledge with 200 names against Drunk driving (or similar causes)' etc. I totally agree to the cause, I just don't get how it works! Or if it really ever works?!!
If I happened to be the 50th person on the E-mail I received, and I send it out to Leena, Teena, Meena and Reena*; then all of them are the 51st person listed on their respective emails when they further forward them. And the chain is never-ending!
*just random spontaneous names for example sake
So how many sets of 200 people eventually pledge? Uh, hold on - the list is never really complete..and never really sent back to the originator of the email. So, why bother with it in the first place?
Then we have the totally 'trashable' chain mails that threaten you with bad luck if you don't send them out and will win you wishes and life-partners if you send them out (haha!). I have already written my thoughts out on this one ages back (
The CLASSIC, of course is the bunch of crazy forwards where you endorse your friendship, love and care on the basis of sending back a poem or set of animated gif's to the sender as well as others you care about.
Umm, right - the reader's first obligation then is, to send it back to the person who sent it to him regardless of whether he really cares about them as much - thinking 'geez, what if he/she thinks otherwise'..
The next thing we do like silly billy's - send it out to 15 other people and trap them into the same circle of emails.
And the worst? We further circulate it through the very same circle of friends for the next 3 months. I mean, I have received the same chain email from Teena, Meena and Leena* - despite being on the same mailing list, and having the same friend's circle. And then, after a week, Reena sends it too..cuz she checked her mail a little late. And then Teena, Meena, Leena send it back again without realizing they already sent it across.. AAAAAHH!
*just random spontaneous names for example sake
And to make things worse: this has all started on SMS! *GASP*
Am I the only one noticing this stuff? I wish I could protest against these Email forwards. I can endlessly crib about how irritating they can get, but I'm sure you all got my point!
For all that you know, there's one less person you all should be sending out this stuff to; cuz Ima simply gonna trash it all, unless you have a catchy caption to it ;)
Out & About,
Sadaf A. Zee :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Reminiscing old posts..

So shaitaan did overcome my Blogworks after all!
Alas, as actively as I wrote exactly last year on the occasion of Ramadhan, I have been as inactive at writing my blog this year. However, I would like to recap my last year's posts again for all those who missed out on them - as they might be quite enlightening especially on the occasion of Laylatul Qadr.
With the approach of Ramadhan last year, I wrote this blog entry titled
However, one of my much applauded and appreciated blog entries was
"Golden opportunities: 'realize' them and grab 'em! "
Although I'm a little late in sharing these, there's still another 9 days InshaAllah in which we can gain something if not anything at all!
While I was also lecturing Girls last Ramadhan on the importance of Du'a and supplicating to Allah (SWT) - especially in relation to the month of Ramadhan, I was fervent enough to research and write up three blog entries to define the wonders of the Night of Qadr - and how the spend them in the best possible manner.
1,000 reasons to wonder..(Part 1)
1,000 reasons to wonder..(Part 2)
1,000 reasons to wonder..(Part 3)
And just so that I feel less guilty incase I don't get time to write another entry close to Eidul Fitr, then a recap on my last yr's entry
"Hold your horses - the Blow-out offer's not over yet! " can be found on the following link
I can't really blame Shaitaan this time for not letting me write though - as Shaitan is chained up this whole month ;) Just time restraints and increased pending deadlines that are keeping me - so a humble request to all of you to remember me in your Du'as, especially in the great nights that we are experiencing this week - Alhamdulillah.
Over & Out
Sadaf Zahra

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Struggling to turn "HOLIDAY MODE" off!

After two and a half months of holidaying from my usual, workaholic routine, I have finally forced myself to sit down and write - even if it sound gibberish to everyone, just so that I break the silence! (hence, excuse the glitches here and there as I won't take time to proof-read and edit what I write, as it will give me yet another excuse to delay posting something from my dormant blog!)
Although my actual holiday was just 3 weeks from 7th July to 28th July, it's funny how it made me so lethargic ever since I got back that, every night when I self-account to see what all I have really achieved out of my day, I have almost nothing to be proud of - really....(SIGH)
So, I have been blaming it on the weather which, by the way is extremely hot, and might be one of the reasons for my lethargy and humdrum attitude. I also found this article relevant to my so-called disorder - the Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder (SSAD):
The funny thing is - I'm one of those born and bred kids out here in the UAE, and to say I probably am suffering from SSAD is - quite 'sad'...literally! (hehehe)
But of course, the right one to blame is SHAITAAN.
When I look at all the things I have in my pending list, and the nature of it all revolves around community and religious works - it does make me realize that unfortunately, my soul's remote control has been in the wrong hands lately!

So Mr.Shaitaan has put me on 'holiday mode', with Energizer batteries on my remote control and has also probably had some Red Bull himself, to drive me nuts a little longer before I make my come-back! (and this imaginative spree TOO is courtesy of Mr.Shaitaan - I mean, me - blaming my laziness on him and not doing much about it either - is the biggest sign that it really IS him!!)
Gosh..this will take me into an endless circle of nonsensical blabber, if I don't stop now..
But something for consolation: Recognizing the controller is one step achieved. Attacking him back is the next step.

Continuing with my struggle, and requesting for your du'as - for my success!
until next week..
Sadaf Z

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I love you - Imam Mehdi!

Since a week, I have been struggling over an impossible deadline - of starting and finishing a whole Madressa Yearbook - that too, a Bumper Issue (2005 - 2007)..
Even though, as I type this, I'm quite hopeless and in despair - especially with a hand that's still aching, and the fact that the Magazine cannot possibly done in time to be circulated on the 9th of June, and quite a lot of people around me have been bearing with my tantrums (my sincere apologies for that) - I just wanted to put up the one thing that, after having finished, gave me peace of mind and heart.
This was one major part of the Yearbook that was strenuous to work with because I had to color in, layout and edit the poem on it. But hats off to Syeda Hira Fatima, who understood so easily what I had roughly and briefly expressed to her last year, and in return, she illustrated it out so beautifully!
Here is the Poem - on what will be the centrespread poster of our Madressa magazine InshaAllah. Indeed, it gave me sukoon - to be able to express my love to the Imam of our time. I hope this humble effort from Hira and myself, is accepted by Imam e Zamaan (ATF), his great grandmother Bibi Fatima Zahra (SA), and Allah (SWT).
Fatigued to write anymore,
Sadaf Z

Saturday, May 12, 2007

If I was crowned Miss Universe, I would....

For years we have seen the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants; the struggles that they pursue to look great, represent their country and fight it with beauty and wits to be able to best answer the final question: 'If you were crowned Miss Universe tonight, what change would you like to bring in the World?'

To perceive the desired change and to actually strive to make the change are a world apart on their own. If being crowned Miss Universe was based on answering that question best (most of the times), then lets you and I, and the rest of us, crown ourselves Miss Universe of our own little Universes for the natural empathy we all possess for Mankind!

Initially, I had intended to write about the struggles I faced in my last four weeks - which I spent completely dependant on my left hand for unimaginable tasks for the sake of survival - hehee.. (For those of you who still don't know, I am recovering from a dislocated right elbow - and Alhamdulillah, after having finished one month, I am now waiting to completely recover over the next month, InshaAllah).
However, I eventually chose to switch to a more 'meaningful' area to voice out.
It so happened that I attended a Presentation on Friday night, based on a Humanitarian service being done by a lady (and with the cooperation of her husband and 9 year old daughter) for the under-facilitated Mothers and children of remote mountainous villages in Gilgit, Pakistan.
From the unreachable and difficult rocky areas where there is no government support or attention and under-facilitated dispenseries (with no regular staff), under-developed Gilgit is well known to be an area deprived of basic amenities like electricity, drinking water and elementary health care facilities.*
Where women who die after baby's delivery (and sometimes even before they can actually deliver) because of lack of pre & post-natal care, Gilgit sees expecting-mothers' deaths and abnormal child births at a regular.
However, what we often forget is that perceiving a regular problem doesn't mean to eventually be ignorant and insensitive to it!
It is for THESE Mothers and Children - for the sole sake of Humanity, a lady emerged with the foresight and dream to help these people out of their miserable situation and aid their survival. She left her life out in the United States (having attained her Masters in Medical out there) and her 9 years of services as the head of the Nursing department in Agha Khan Hospital in Karachi, to head out towards the Stone-age in the 21st Century: this under-developed area where it isn't only difficult to commute, but even to communicate on phone-lines (as they don't have any network coverage!)
It was truly inspiring to hear Dr.Farzana's story out, where she presented us with facts, figures and video coverages on the difficult situation out there and her aims to serve the many villages out there with her Mother-and-Childcare Hospital.
Although lacking funds, facilities and manpower, Dr.Farzana remained determined and chose to permanently reside on those mountainous grounds - where the language, culture, means of transport, communication and people are a completely different world and century apart!
It made me realise that sometimes we barely do too much, yet consider and flaunt those minute acts so highly (I mean, I was actually meaning to write about my achievements using my LEFT HAND! Goshhh! How LAME!) On the other hand, there are people in this world who still do exist, to carry out incomparable and great tasks, with endless sacrifices and selflessness.

Where the portfolio of Miss Universe and Miss World consists of posing for photographs, starring in Movies, and humanitarian projects of solely visiting Under-privileged centres and organizations, I am sure if we ask those people living in Gilgit what Dr.Farzana is for them - they would rank her Miss Universe for themselves.

Indeed we feel like we do so much for the community and aid the needy, but if we look around, we will see that we would still think twice to see if the area has a mobile-phone network coverage, infrastructure to transport us around and the INTERNET to survive to communicate with the outside world.
So, it's just too less to say 'If I were crowned Miss Universe, I would.......' because some people don't really wait to be crowned Miss Universe; they pursue their noble aims self-lessly, for the sake of Humanity.
To all of the eligible candidates to enter this particular contest and race of serving Humanity: the final question to win is - "How far are you willing to go or do?"
With this thought,
Sadaf Zahra
To request a copy of the Video presentation, or for questions, statistical data, donations or even just kind words of support and encouragement - for the Mother & Child care Hospital project in Gilgit - contact Br.Mustafa Hemani on +97150 62 44 176 or email
* Extra Reading:

Monday, April 09, 2007

Pictures can save me the 1,000 words!

Dear All,
Here's something to break my silence (in writing) for a while. Since I suffered a slight accident some 10days back at home (and dislocated my right elbow), I am pretty slow at typing things till another 11 days or so - while the healing is in progress. (Well - slow, because now, my right hand is not at use, so my left hand at disposal - with 4times less typing speed is.....aargh..very frustrating!!!)
To save myself some 'left-hand energy' for the more urgent tasks - yet keep my Blog active 'visually' if not textually, for a bit - I'm posting a Visual DNA (a sort of reflection on my Personality through visuals). I thought it was quite interesting. Maybe you all can try it too :)

Remember me in Du'as, as I really need them to get back on my feet (??) - or rather hands - and start 'kicking off' from where I left things.. (somehow, they only invented figurative expressions for the feet, did you notice?)
Hmm..Let me not drift off to my profound thoughts again..(hehehe)
My Visual DNA - have a look!